This conference is active for 3 weeks:

First week: Webinar, 6-7 November, 2020 I 4 PM - 8 PM (GMT+2)

Second week: Webinar, 20-21 November, 2020 I 4 PM - 8 PM (GMT+2)

Third week: Physical, 26-27 November, 2020

this conference will educate a multidisciplinary team by discussing the latest clinical evidence surrounding the individualized management of persons with cardiorenal metabolic syndrome, by providing specific information on how to ensure these patients receive optimal disease management based upon the latest clinical evidence and various clinical practice guidelines’ recommendations. It is expected that fair-balanced, scientifically rigorous continuing education activity will improve both the knowledge and practice gaps, thus enhancing delivery of care to these patients.

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • DEFINE cardiorenal metabolic syndrome (CMS)
  • DESCRIBE the burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in persons with CMS
  • DISCUSS updates to the KDOQI 2020 guidelines
  • ELABORATE on how the interaction between the heart and the kidneys negatively impacts morbidity and mortality in persons with CMS
  • TRANSLATE the latest evidence surrounding interventions in the management of persons with CMS risk factors, such as excess body weight, and increased BP, plasma glucose, and lipid levels
  • LIST pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment options for individualizing treatment in patients with CMS
  • DEVELOP strategies that incorporate clinical practice guidelines for optimizing the management of patients with CMS according to local/regional health care system factors


The target audience for this initiative includes diabetologists, endocrinologists, primary care physicians, internists and cardiologists, nephrologists, surgeons, and nurses.

A. Enrique Caballero, MD
Faculty Director, International Innovation Programs,
Office for External Education, Harvard Medical School
Prof. Adel Abel Aziz El Sayed
Professor of Internal Medicine and Diabetes,
WHO Diabetes Consultant,
Ex-Chair MENA Region, IDF,
Ex-President of Diabetes in Asia Study Group

Official Organizer:
X-treme for Conferences Organization